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Process Of Hemihydrate Gypsum

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  • Process for production of gypsumfiber board United

    Process For Production Of Gypsumfiber Board United

    The invention claimed is 1. In an improved process for producing a composite product, said process comprising mixing water, gypsum and a cellulosic fiber to form a dilute slurry heating the slurry, under pressure, to form acicular calcium sulfate alpha hemihydrate crystals substantially dewatering the hot slurry and shaping the dewatered slurry to form a composite product before ...


    Ca1258961a Process For Producing Alphaform Gypsum

    TITLE OF THE INVENTION PROCESS FOR PRODUCING .alpha.-FORM GYPSUM HEMIHYDRATE ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Disclosed herein is a method for producing .alpha.-form gypsum hemihydrate, comprising heating an aqueous slurry containing gypsum dihydrate and a salt of sulfosuccinic acid as the catalyst for crystallization, thereby converting gypsum dihydrate into .alpha.-form gypsum hemihydrate.

  • Process for producing form gypsum hemihydrate

    Process For Producing Form Gypsum Hemihydrate

    Neverthless, when a process for producing -gypsum is combined directly with a desulfurization process of exhaust gases, the medium for producing gypsum hemihydrate is fundamentally the same as the absorbent liquid in the desulfurization process of exhaust gases, and the adjustments of pH, concentration and dilution of the liquid only can be done.


    Process For Producing Alphahemihydrate Gypsum

    Feb 14, 2008 A process for producing alpha-hemihydrate gypsum from dihydrate gypsum, comprising mixing the dihydrate gypsum with water to form a slurry pumping the slurry into a heating tube at a flowrate effective for the slurry to have an average residence time in the heating tube of less than or equal to about 10 minutes heating the heating tube at a ...

  • What is Gypsum product

    What Is Gypsum Product

    Calcination is the process of heating the gypsum to dehydrate it partially or completely to form calcium sulphate hemihydrate. Plaster and stone are products of the dehydration process. It is the calcination process that determines the strength of the gypsum material.

  • US20090208392A1 Process for producing alpha

    Us20090208392a1 Process For Producing Alpha

    A process for producing alpha-hemihydrate gypsum from dihydrate gypsum includes feeding a slurry comprising the dihydrate gypsum and water into a heating tube, heating the heating tube at a...